In Máncora there are many options to make your visit a pleasant stay, so fun and entertainment can not be overlooked. In many cases tourists come to relax and meet. So you have to enjoy the trip. Remember that Máncora is pure beach and has the things of the place: Horse riding 30 soles per hour ($ 10) on the beach. You will see them walking along the beach do not have an exact place to hire services. Jet ski rides. Quad bike or normal motorcycle rides. 80 soles-120 soles. Depending on the power of the machine. Walks along the waterfront, shopping in the village, excursions in the Fernández ravine. All this can be done with a quad bike. ATVs polaris, with engines from 300cc to 450cc, can be rented by the hour or by day and always remember to respect the environment.

Bars and discos: Máncora is surrounded by nightlife. People enjoy fun and disco nights near the beach. The entire boardwalk is surrounded by restaurants and cevicherias for all tastes.


It depends a lot on the beaches and the time of the year. For example in Máncora the ideal for kitesurfing is from April to November, with winds that can reach up to 30 knots or more. In Máncora there are two points for kitesurfing: the surf point, for the practice of maneuvering with the waves and the second is in? La Laguna ?, 2 km north of the Máncora surf point. This lagoon is almost attached to the sea, separated by a sand plot of 200mts approx (depending on the time of year). ?The lagoon? It is ideal for jumping on a flat aquatic surface. The landscape is really beautiful.

Entertainment is never lacking in Máncora. You just have to go out to look for offers and enjoy.